Analyze - Breaking information into parts to explore understandings and relationships

*has an iPad app or works well with mobile devices

*Google Forms:
Survey students to explore understandings, gather data, and analyze results. (not compatible with Chrome Browser)
Analyze statistics and various components of a topic with data and visual representation through an infographic.

Analyze a topic by breaking it into its various components on individual sticky notes
Linoit Student Example

Visual Thesaurus:
Catgorize, classify, and analyze the relationships between words with a visual web.

Create a word cloud and have students distinguish and identify important words based on size.
Students infer the larger body of text from which the word cloud was created.
Elem Student Example, Sec Student Example
iPad apps to try: WordSalad

Word Sift:
Combine word clouds with a visual thesaurus, and see examples of concepts in context.

Students compare and subdivide larger concepts into smaller parts.
Student Example, Student Example

Students map out and analyze information visually.


iPad apps to try: ScreenChomp, EduCreations, ShowMe

Google Spreadsheets:
Collect and calculate statistics and formulas.

Create a Graph:
Analyze information in chart format.