How to use this wiki:

This wiki was designed with two distinct uses in mind.

1. Lesson Planning. The verbs you see on the home page represent a sampling of verbs from the student expectations in our state standards. The verbs on the home page are linked to the corresponding level of Bloom's Taxonomy. As you plan your lesson, click the verbs you see in your student expectations to see a list of tools that could be used to digitize that standard.

2. Browsing. If you're just looking for some cool new tools, you can browse the pages on the right side of the page. The tools are organized into pages based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Any of these tools could be used to support any of the levels of thinking, depending on how the student uses it! The location of the tool on our wiki is simply a suggested starting point!

All of the tools on this wiki are free - to some degree. "Free" might mean you get access to the whole thing, or "free" might mean you get a limited version.


If you notice a broken link or have a suggestion for a great new tool, let us know!
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